The AKC event calendar has a lot of flexibility but the new version is somewhat irritating to me. It has a lot of flexibility and is supposedly more mobile friendly. 

Here is the link to the event search: https://webapps.akc.org/event-search/#/search

I had bookmarked some searches using the old event search and they still work as of the date at the bottom of the page. 

Florida only

Florida & Georgia

Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina

Southeast (TN,MS,AL,GA,SC,NC,FL)

AKC requires that trials with opening dates have their premium sent to the AKC and made available to competitors at LEAST two weeks prior to the opening date. Of course, the club can always change the opening date. It may take a few days to get the club web site updated but the premium should be available by email on request by the publication deadline. 

The premiums can be found in a variety of locations

  • AKC - AKC will publish premiums for trials that use the AKC online entry system but that is optional. You will need to login to access these premiums. I have notices some premiums available on the AKC event page for some events. Maybe this will become more common. 
  • Professional Trial Secretaries with web sites. The ones that offer trials here in Florida are located here: Trial Secretaries

Individual club web sites a lot of the clubs will put the premium link on the front page of the web site. Otherwise look for an events or agility menu item.

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