TidBits 5/13/2020

►I have established a COVID-19 page with information from the various organizations. A few organizations have issued some guidelines on best practices during the recovery from the epidemic. For example, some organizations are allowing you to put the leash in your pocket or wear it during your run. 

There is a link at the top of the home page. Otherwise click on the More menu and scroll down to find it. 

I will be trying to keep the page up to date and look forward to when i can delete the page. If you see something, send me a note. 

►NADAC, UKI and USDAA are allowing you to compete for “Q’s” in your back yard. UKI is probably the most ambitious with trials in three ring sizes each week. NADAC is monthly (i think) and USDAA is brand new. 

Banner images courtesy of Furry Fotography  (notes)
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