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AKC Agility Advisory Committee 8/2018

Once every five years, AKC agility takes suggestions from the peanut gallery. It is that time again and if you want to suggest something now is the time. The following can be found at

Tidbits 5/29/2018

Thanks to the new Bratty Paws facility in Punta Gorda and the Turner Center in Arcadia, South West Florida will be the place to be for agility this Summer. There are also some evening CPE trials up North (Ocala area), some UKC indoor trials in the Tampa-Lakeland area and DACOF. 

Entry Forms

I have updated the links to the AKC and UKC entry forms in the Files section. These can be filled in with your “static” information and saved as a template.  I have also added my latest version of my computer fillable AKC entry form. it has been updated for 24C and since as of June 1 any level dog can compete in the Premier classes, the MASTER/PREMIER options for the STD&JWW class levels are reverted back to just MASTER. …

AKC Event Schedule

I have heard a lot of grumbling about the new AKC event schedule search. I am not a fan of it either. For me to search all trials in Florida, I have to select a radius that includes most of the South East. The results are also very verbose. …

Training Resources

I have gone through a review of the Training resources that are listed under the Training menu. I deleted some that have disappeared and some that no longer list agility as a training objective. I also did a web search for some new ones that I did not have listed and added a few. …

Tidbits 3/5/2018

It has been a while and I have a couple topics to discuss.


This has been a year of change in organization event calendars. 

ASCA has been through about three in the past year or so. I really liked the one in the middle and really hate the current version. …

Tidbits 1/19/2018

First Tidbits of the new year! Got a couple of items.

Effective June 1, 2018 the AKC premier classes will be available to all levels of dogs just like T2B. The following is speculation. If the AKC allows dogs to enter the World Team Tryouts with only Premier legs this would allow experienced dogs from other organizations to compete for World Team spots without having to run a dog through Novice, Open and Excellent. …

Tidbits 12/4/2017

AKC Regulation Changes

The AKC has approved a couple of new regulation changes effective January 2, 2018. 

First, the entry limit per judge has been increased to 350. This is to account for the Absent entries so the Judge will still handle about 330 entries. 

Tidbits 11/14/2017

Google has enhanced the calendar and now allows rich text and easily created links in the event notes. I have started putting in links to the event information (if applicable) when I change an event from Tentative to a scheduled event. …

Tidbits 10/11/2017

As you may recall, the 26” jump height is going away starting on January 2, 2018. There will be two 24” classes. The regular 24” class for dogs greater than 22 inches and the 24C class for dogs that measure into the 8-20 inch jump heights. …

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